Free DNA Genetic
Testing & Analysis
from Medical 4th Chain

DNA Data Market

M4th plans to provide various levels of DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis which is initiation and basis of disease prevention.
DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis is provided even if you only keep M4th coins for a certain period of time. Of course, you can also get a variety of health care services besides DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis. The foundation is based on DNA Data Market armed with strong blockchain-based privacy and integrity.

Free DNA Genetic testing from Medical 4th Chain


DNA Data Market

Anyone can trade their Health Data under Medical 4th Chain Ecosystem .
It is safest to trade personalized DNA, health and medical data through a blockchain. With the smart contract of blockchain, participants are informed of how specific data is secured, which company is using data and how much they can earn.
Customers can safely trade their data and use the HP in return for DNA Genetic Testing & Analysis Service or various healthcare services and IoT devices.

HP(Health Point) = DNA Free Test Ticket

Medical 4th Chain will publish M4th based on the Ethereum-based ERC20 protocol coin and establish an independent Ecosystem through the MainNet in the future.
M4th is used as the basis for platform trading.
Separate Health Point (HP) based on current coin inflation will be created and used. In other words, participants can have HP to perform their own DNA testing and analysis, pay medical, drug costs and insurance fees.

M4th Decentralized DNA Market Ecosystem

The acquisition method of HP points can be divided into three ways. First, you can purchase a generic M4th and exchange it for the appropriate HP. Second, you can sell or lease your own data and get an M4P from that institution. Third, if you have M4th, you can receive the HP free of charge according to the retention period and amount of M4th. Institutions such as medical institutions, insurance companies, research institutes, etc. need to use M4P to obtain the necessary data and receive a separate M4P from the consumer and use or cash it back in the Ecosystem.

Token share plan

Total Supply 4,000,000,000 M4th
Listing Start 2020. 3
Information about Private sales